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“already” vs. “yet”

Most people get confused on how to use the words ‘already’ and ‘yet’, since they refer to something that has happened or has not happened.  It is important to know that one of the words is used in positive statements, while the other is used in negative statements and questions.  To have a clear understanding [...]
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“Good” vs. “well”

Do you do your job well or good? Do you have a well or a good level of English? Good and well are commonly confused since they are both used to describe. To know the clear difference between these two words, we need to learn how each one is used. good: Describes things, people, appearance, [...]
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To raise vs to rise

Does the sun rise every morning or raise every morning? Do these words mean ‘to go up’?  How do we use them? Let’s learn the difference so that we know how to say it! to raise: To move an object (person or thing) to a higher position. Examples: - Chloe always raises her hand in class when [...]
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